One day (5/6/12 Sunday), my Dad and I were bored—and decided (on my Cousin's advice) to check out the Pro Bass Shops in Harrisburg.

      (If you find this a . . . somewhat weird page for my Web site—so do I.  :) ;) )


I certainly did NOT expect to see a musk-ox(en), outside of Alaska:

      (. . . .)

      One was met with the view of a three-story waterfall:

      A closer view.

      Those are nice FEESH!

      ( :) ;) )

      Of note, it took me a period of years—to be able to take pictures like this successfully.  If one takes the shot straight on, one get all "blurred" with flash; if one takes a long enough exposure [without flash] with one's bare hands—both the image, and the FEESH ( :) ;) ), move too much.  It was moment of pure inspiration—to take the image at an angle.

      (. . . .)

      (Oh. –Notice the alligator gar (above).  (!!))

      Squirrelilox and the Three Bears:

      :) ;)

      Gone Fishin':

      :) ;)

      This thing was actually pretty cool—the propeller actually turned, albeit slowly.

      :) ;)

      Of course, these guys were total boars.

      :) ;)

      Of course, this isn't how it really happens.  –Makes a great pic, though:

      A wild turkey in flight.  –Yeah—how many times do you actually see these guys actually fly?

      :p ;)

      –A fake looking eagle in flight:

      –A caribou-dude:

       –Is it just me—or does it look like he's smiling?

      :) ;)

      Another picture of the totally boaring dudes:

      :) ;)

      A boat-blind.

      Dad found this really funny.  :) ;)

      And–last but not least–one little raccoon:

      Dad said that this was a 1947—and thus valuable.  I told him to look if anyone had left the keys.

      :) ;)

      Well, I hope you enjoyed this little "virtual tour." –If you ever get the inkling to visit, just take the Paxton Street exit from 83 south (of/from [Interstate] 81)—and they have their own drive.  –I kid you not: "Pro Bass Drive."

      :) ;)