I started this third link—as the first one, was getting too "clunky." (That—and I discovered, how to implement some CSS. :) ;) )

      I *LOVE puzzles.  (!)

       :) :)

8/1/2020 Sunday

      I put this one together in–I believe–under 24 hours. I was "puzzle fasted."

       :) :)

8/10/2020 Tuesday

      I think I had had this one . . . for over a decade. I got it from Alaska; it survived the fire—and it took me . . . some time, to find a place, to assemble it. . . .

      This turned out to be, the most difficult puzzle, I can remember assembling.

      I couldn't decided if I liked the "without flash," or "with flash" version better—so I kept both.

       :) :)

8/18/2020 Wed-nes-day :) :)

      What I liked about this one (actually, one of quite a few things I liked about this one :) ;) )—was that there was always something to do. There wasn't any real "fallow work time"—as there was always a region, clearly discernible, that one could be working on:

      It took me no small amount [of time] to finish, regardless.