I started this second link—as the first one, was getting too "clunky."

      I *LOVE puzzles.  (!)

       :) :)

6/5/2020 Friday

      This puzzle was (no pun intended :) ;) ) put together like one designed to be put together.  Different sections, had different distinct . . . "styles"—that made it clear, they belonged together.  However, it still took me a bit of time, and effort, to assemble this one—perhaps, because I couldn't (readily) see the patterns. . . .

      (On a strange note: I buy so many puzzles, apparently–at one point–I lost track, and (unknowingly) bought a "duplicate" of this one.  I gave the duplicate away—at the height of the coronavirus panic-demic, when puzzles were sold out. . . .)

6/8/2020 Monday

      Here is the first puzzle I bought, after the "supply lines" for puzzles, just started to recover—during the coronavirus "panic-demic."

      It took me all of about 45 minutes to solve—but they were pleasant minutes.

       :) :)

6/23/2020 Tuesday

      This puzzle took a very long time to solve—and I'm not really sure why.  It seemed to be the kind of puzzle, where one could only figure out, pieces that were immediately adjacent to one another. . . .

7/12/2020 Sunday

      This was the first puzzle I have assembled—since the move to New York.  What I liked about this one—was that, wherever one was, in one's progress, there was always something one could (actively) work on. . . .

8/31/2020 Monday

      I remember something a little weird—before I even had the frame assembled, I made significant progress, on the right-hand interface, between the mountains and the sky.

      Beyond that, this puzzle pretty much assembled itself—I had it finished in a little over a day. . . .

12/15/2020 Tuesday

      First puzzle in Minnesota!!

5/28/2021 Friday

      I finished this one—in under 24 hours.  I was "puzzle fasted."

       :) ;)