Wow. PUZZLES. I *LOVE* puzzles.  The trouble is, with few exceptions, I have NOT been able to work on them—and for years.

      Finally, I was able to take my table out of storage, in Pennsylvania—and set it up, in my apartment, in New Hampshire.

10/10/2019 Thursday

      This may be hard for some of you to imagine—but I have had this puzzle for, something like 15 years.  (We bought it in Amish country, in Pennsylvania.)  I didn't have a chance, to put it together, until now:

10/11/2019 Friday

      Similarly, I had had this next puzzle (unassembled)—for over 10 years.  (I bought it in Fred Meyers West, in Fairbanks, Alaska.)  Strangely enough, I ended up using a strategy (involving the full moon), that I had come up with, within tens of seconds of my first picking up the box.

10/14/2019 Monday

      This one was a far more recent addition—within the past 2 & 1/2 years.  It had this weird "foil effect"—which I found less annoying, that I had expected to.

10/17/2019 Thursday

      This one, required an absolutely unique adaption—look at the collections of colors.  (I love how—even though I didn't even have the border together yet–I still managed to get a purple piece, fit into the corner.  One can see this, if one just looks closely.).

10/18/2019 Friday

      Nor were the "unique adaptations" over, yet:

10/19/2019 Saturday

      The finished article:

11/21/2019 Thursday

      I took this picture—because this may well be, the largest floating "island," I have ever encountered/produced.  Of note—it didn't last long.  On my way back across, in front of the table, I was able to add just a few pieces, and "anchor" it, to the bottom, 'n stuff.

      Amazingly (to me, at least)—I was able to finish the whole puzzle, the same day, 'n stuff:

11/26/2019 Tuesday

      I took this pic, because I again, had a huge floating "island. . . ."

      (The next piece fitted, secured it.)

      ( :) ;) )

      And later in the same day, I surprised myself, by finishing it.  The box had been opened—but I don't think it had been assembled before (in fact, I pretty sure it wasn't).  I probably opened it, with the intention of assembling it (possibly in New York), and. . . .

12/2/2019 Monday

      I took one look at this puzzle, and thought—wow, this one is going to be easy.  Well guess what?

      ( :p ;) )

      However, I think I completed this one—in under 24 hours. . . .

      On a very strange note—shortly after this [picture was taken], my apartment was all-but-destroyed, as a result of a fire upstairs.  I had kind of forgotten, that this picture even existed—and she didn't get posted, 'til about mid-March.  (. . .)

3/7/2020 Saturday

      I found this puzzle quite difficult—and it took me quite a long time to complete:

4/5/2020 Sunday

      Although I had, roughly a BILLION other things to do, my Dad convinced me, to start working on a puzzle.  "Do something else—before you work so hard you make yourself sick, with the coronavirus or not."  So. . . .

      I was able to get all the pieces turned over, and the border "finished"—in one sitting.  (!!)

      (This may've had something to do—with the fact, that I was so "puzzle fasted.")

       :) ;)

4/6/2020 Monday

      An ENORMOUS "floating island."  (The next move "secured" it.)

4/7/2020 Tuesday

      The finished product. :) :) I felt an almost insaane sense of accomplishment, with this one.  I believe I have wanted to do this puzzle . . . since 2007.  It survived the move from Alaska—and the fire.  And here she be.

:) :) :) :)