As I mentioned on the "main page," we wanted to see if our bonfire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um, heh-heh.  Sorry about that.) was indeed visible from orbit.  I found out that I had to request data acquistion.  I was told by Dr. ****** ******* (I have "starred out" all the names of people mentioned in these email; I'm not really sure that they would want to be mentioned/a part of this.  :) ), that I probably wanted to send the request through ****** *********--as he would add more legitimacy (and "umph") to the attempt to get the satellite re-directed.  The following is the request I sent to him.

message: A (very) odd request from the seventh floor of the G.I.


   This email is intended for ****** *********; if it has reached someone else in error, I apologize.

   I was given your name and email by Dr. ****** *******.  I have a strange request.  I was wondering if you could ask for nighttime data acquisition for (U.T.) Sat 27, Sept03, specifically, 06:40:13.

   The reason why the request is so strange, is that we are wondering if our bonfire is truly "visible from orbit." I thought the request would "carry more weight" if you made it---and I can only imagine the response(s) I would receive if I made it, stating the above motivation.  ;)

   Thank you for all you (sic) help in advance.  I wouldn't ask if this weren't at least reasonably important to a fair number of us "up here."


                     John Styers

   -If you think that's cool---wait 'til you read the response.  :)