This is my "staging point"--for lack of something better to call it--for other mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!!(Um, sorry about that.)'s in Pennsylvania.

   Because there are so many links, I have added a "rating system" for the the various fires (so one can choose selectively which ones to follow), where 0 is nothing detectable on the surface--and 10 is Centralia. :)


      3 fires!! -The West Side Mine Fire (2), The Wayne Street Culm Bank Fire (0), and the Powderly Clum Bank Fire (0)

   Archbald, PA

      Valley View High School (0 -*special*)

   Laurel Run

      Laurel Run (6) and Beaver Brook (?)

   Western PA fires 1

      Pittsburgh International Airport (0), Clinton (1)

   Western PA fires 2

      Tepe Pump Station Fire (0), Renton Fire (?3-4?), and the fire in Boyce Park in Plum (2)

   Western PA fires 3

      Percy Fire in Youngstown (? -special)