These are some pictures from my travels in Ontario Province, Canada.

Except for the fact that American tourists are frequently maliciously harassed by the OPP, it is a pretty cool place.

I've tried to put the pictures in an order that you would see them, if you were actually taking a trip to northern Ontario.

Here is a picture of the Molson brewery.

And here, of course, is a picture of the LaBatt's brewery. -Take off you shoes. You are on hallowed ground.

This is a picture of the sign for North Bay. It came out pretty well, presumably because this is the first picture that I actually stopped the car to take. North Bay is about the silliest place on Earth--"Gee, let's plop down a megalopolis in the middle of the most inhospitable climate know to man."

And this is a picture of the sign for Timmins. -There's really not that much there. It's where Shania Twain hails from, though.

This one is for my friends in England to see--Winston Churchill Blvd.

Best of all, people in Ontario Province speak English! :)