The "psychotic state" of New York.

These are some pictures of my travels in the "psychotic state" of New York.

Except for the fact that what New York State has the audacity to call police are nothing but a pack of abusive, thieving, raping, and occaisionally murdering low-brow road pirates who ought to be taken out in the street, publically shot in the back of the head, and left to rot (Well, that--and the taxes. :) ), it would be, quite probably, the best place to live in the United States.

This one is for you, Joey - Dude. :)

Here is "Bird Road." It is located somewhere in the maze of roads between Manchester and Palmyra.

And here is a picture of the C-anal in wintertime at the eastern end of Brighton. You know, I only took this picture to use up the final exposure in the roll of film I had; but, everyone kept telling me how nice this shot was. So, I finally put it on here. :)

And here is a picture for the Barlow clan. You find this place on the northern limits of federal route 11. Don't go there; the road sucks.

I knew you guys wouldn't believe me if I just told you. This is the town of "Mooers." :)

Hmm. -Sounds a wee bit . . . rural. :)