This is sort of a running gag.  Every year, I show up, at the airport, in a chauffeur's uniform—and the same sign. . . .

       :) :)

      QUITE a surprise, this time—we ended up meeting up, with someone, who used to work in the GI (Geophysical Institute).  One never really knows, where life is taking one, 'n stuff.  Here is a (custom commisioned) painting, of his cats:

       :) :)

      A picture of the beautiful Providence sky:

      Took me a minute—to realize, that this is, a (modern) Ferrari.  One can just see, the engine, under the glass engine cover. . . .

      The incomparable Omni:

      This guy is out of control cool.  We meet up with him, every other year.  He is something like C.M. Eddy's grandson, or something.

       :) :)

      Some suitably "Lovecraftian displays. . . ."

      –Bet whoever made this display—won't have the guts to do that again!

       :p ;)

      Two years ago, when I first met this person, they made . . . quite an impression.  Couldn't find out who they were, though—I even looked in the program, however. . . .

      It turns out, she is a one Sonya Taaffe—and even has her own wikipedia page.  (. . .)

       . . . and has even proposed a name for a moon, of a trans-Neptunian object. . . .

      (Vanth, orbiting Orcus)

      I seem to get a perpetual (and perhaps quite childish) kick out of this.  This is a window, in the men's loo, at the Omni.  Wear one so inclined, one could readily open the blind (forsooth, this is the first Necronomicon, I ever saw it closed—perhaps, even extant (?)), and, um, "flash" Providence.  Lars has expressed no small amount of enthusiam, for. . . .

       :p ;)

      Again, Sonya Taaffe:

      I bought one of her books, this year. . . .

      I'm not entire sure—why I took the following picture:

      Lars said something along the lines of it being a great tradgedy—the waste, of yummy cake, 'n stuff. . . .

      I have . . . NO IDEA

       . . .

      Just some stuff in a window.  Welcome to Providence.

       :) :)

      Oh, wow. Something . . . DREADFUL, here. . . .

      Not long after I took the above photo, Lars and I caught up, with the fire brigade—which had passed us, quite noisily—and in no small amount of rush.  There destination was a bus shelter.  Lars had the good sense NOT to look ("I'm not looking!")—I had the . . . tact, NOT to take any photos. . . .

      Ladies and germs, various transgendered and hermaphroditic beings—a young man (20's) died, not eight feet, from where I stood.  It may have been an overdose—he didn't look hypoxic, or distressed. . . .

This affected me–profoundly–over the next couple of weeks. . . .

      I took this next picture—because is showed a man, riding a RHINO.  (!!)

      One finds amazing views—in the old style architecture, of Providence. . . .

      One Big Chick.

      I waited a while, to take this next pic.  (It seemed to really "need," the "green. . . .")  Both Lars and I, absolutely adored, the way this street looked.  –Looks almost European, doesn't it?

      Buddha Belly.

      Somehow it seemed strange to me—calling items in a high-end hotel room, "Nest."

      (. . . .)

      Oh, I absolutely loved this.  I came back the next day (My phone battery had gone flat.)—to be sure I got a picture of this:

      UGH!! –No matter how cool, this is—it's STILL Narragansett. . . .

       :P :P :P :P

      I loved this next one:

       :) :) :) :)

      Surprisingly literate. . . .

      I worked very hard—to get this guy's picture.  I took like, seven pics. . . .

      Why? –Because he looks like Lovecraft.  (!!)

      He DOES!!

       :) :) :) :)

      Ever seen (or heard of) The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu?  Fun little flick.

       :) :)

      It's Cousin It!!

       :) :)

      (And in the background is Henrik Möller—and some chick, who I don't know her name, but can't HELP but have noticed, last few "Necronomicon's. . . .")

      And here are two picture of a Lovecraft statue—That my younger brother took, 'n stuff:

      (He was surprised—at how well they came out, 'n stuff.)

      Giant Pomegranate

      Okay. The one thing I did NOT manage to get pictures of (and this surprises me), was this giant pomegranate—which for no discernable reason, adorns a street in Providence, for about half a city block.

      Not having any pictures [of it], I turned to my old standby, Roadsideamerica—no dice.  (They're AWESOME ( :) :) )—check out "Garbage Goat of the Welding Nun".  :) :) :) :) )

      And I haven't been able to find anything about it—anywhere.  So, like, just TRY and imagine it,'n stuff.

       ( :) ;) )

Well, I guess that is about it.

Party like a penguin with its butt on fire!!