So this is a link about Necronomicon 2015, 'n stuff.  I believe, this was the first year, I picked up Lars at the airport—in a chauffeur's uniform.  (This has subsequently become a running gag.  :) )

      And here is a room, at the Biltmore:

      And here is a picture Lars took, of myself, Mr. Bubbles, and Sunny (mugging for the camera, in the foreground).  When I asked Lars, if Mr. Bubbles was any different, from when he had known him in Alaska, he said no..

       :) :)

      Sadly (as of 11/13/2019 Wednesday), neither Mr. Bubbles, or Sunny, is still with us.

       :( :( :( :(

      Here is a picture of me, in a ballroom of the Omni.  That was before, I came to realize—that the curtains, in the background, look like chicks bent over, from behind.

      There must be something wrong, with the camera—it makes me look all fat. . . .

      And here is a picture (Lars took) of me—in some meeting, or something.

      Again, there must be something, wrong with the camera. . . .

       :P ;)

      I honestly can't remember, why I took the following picture:

      And here is a picture of me–chillin' like a villain–in a chair at the Biltmore.

      I had wondered, why I had taken this picture—and then I realized: It was for Lar's talk. . . .

      Check it out, it's SUPERB

      Lars Backstrom Necronomicon 2015

     I love how the panel: tunes in politely, starts to wander away . . . and then is drawn back, almost forcibly, by the amazing content, of his talk.

      –And here is a picture, of a talk, 'n stuff.  The chick on the right, sucked.  (Not the one standing—the one sitting, 'n stuff.) The next guy over was/is out-of-control cool.  :) :) We've seen him around—he's a professional sound guy, or something.  And the next one over, is Henrik Möller.  He was a lot less famous then.

      I do believe, this was the talk, where we (Lars and I) first met him, 'n stuff.

      I honestly don't remember, why I took the following picture.  It may have been the Lovecraft picture.  (. . .)

      And here, finally, is a picture of Lars—in his Biltmore room.

      This picture reminded me of another. . . .  It took a LONG time, for me to figure out what it was.

      It is Van Gogh's, Portrait of Dr. Gachet:

Public Domain

File: Portrait of Dr. Gachet.jpg

Created: 31 May 1890

      Well, I guess that is about it.  –Party like a penguin with its butt on fire!!