Some of the most amazing things one will see in the far, far north are the various types of "arctic light phenomena." One of the coolest of these are acrtic mirages.  These exceed by leaps and bounds what one would experience in the temperate zone.  The greatest of these--the true "Fata Morgana"--almost defies imagination.  (A good description of arctic mirages--including the Fata Morgana--can be found in "Arctic Dreams," by Barry Lopez.) Many myths and fables have been spawned by the appearance of these things: fairy cities in the sky--even non-existent island "charted" by professional--and more than credible--explorers.  :)

   Although I've been to this area, these are not pictures that I've taken.  They were sent to me by a one Dennis Henize.  

>Here are four

>arctic mirage pics I got in early October at Deadhorse. The view is from

>my room looking southeast over the end of the runway toward the Brooks

>Range, about 65 miles distant. All four are looking the same direction,

>taken over a few minutes' time. The more distant mountains looming above

>are normally out of sight over the horizon... and surely are not at all

>shaped as they appear. Additionally, the nearer range, which is visible

>on a clear day, is distorted in shape, showing little spires and things

>here and there, and flat-topped mountains where they don't exist. You

>can see changes in the shapes of some of the features over time by

>comparing the shots.

   I would recommend that, before you look at the pictures--think a bit about just what it is that you are seeing.

Photo by Dennis Henize

Photo by Dennis Henize

Photo by Dennis Henize

Photo by Dennis Henize

   Thanks, Dennis!