Minnesota Coincidences

Number One

Okay. Picture this: A guy wrecks into my car in Alaska, "Looks like I played a little bumper tag, with your door. . . ." After a few years, I move out of Alaska. Then–a few years after that–he moves out of Alaska.

Okay. Now, here is where. . . . Some time after that, I travel from Boston (give or take) to Minneapolis/St. Paul (give or take). And, when I went to get back on a plane to travel back. . . .



It's the same guy. (!!!!) He's working the TSA line!!!!

And suddenly, I don't have to take off my shoes.

:) ;)

Number Two

About a year later, I miss meeting someone, at the airport—and I end up having to rent a car. At the counter, the guy asks for my email address.

"Wait—you're yakuzalord69?"


"I'm Silver_Griffin__."

We knew each other, from online gaming. (!!!!)

Number Three

Roughly a year after that (give or take), moving into my new apartment (which finding and moving into, was a miracle unto itself)—imagine my surprise, to find that I have moved into the same building, as David _______, of "The Old Lee Michaels Band" fame. You Millenials, don't know who Lee Michaels is? —think "Court of the Crimson King."


And the coincidences do not end there. Lately, I've become somewhat fixated, with the Hacklebarney Mine Tunnel, in Jim Thorpe [Pennsylvania].

Well, as it turns out, he has camped many times–and over many years–on the Mauch Chunk Inclined Plane, and is completely familiar with it—"Oh, you mean the cave?"

Just sit back, and think how incredible that is—we're talking about a place, halfway across the US, from where we found ourselves.