Hello, one and all, and welcome to John's mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um, heh-heh.  Sorry about that.) page.  This page will give you all kinds of info, images, and links to and about mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!!(Um, sorry about that.)'s everywhere.  -Enjoy.

   So what _is_ a "mine fire?" Basically, a mine fire is where something (usually coal) has caught fire underground, and is steadily burning away.  -But wouldn't it go out? -Doesn't it need air? you might ask.  Very little air is needed from something to smolder, and anthracite (hard (Heh-heh.) coal), for instance--doesn't need _any_.  :O So a mine fire can steadily burn away--sometimes for CENTURIES.  :O

Mine fire fact: Around 1772, a fire burned for more than a year atop what now is Mt. Washington.

Image credited to Aaron Steckelberg--site: http://www.penweb.org/issues/mining/tribrev/swfires.html

    Now here's a collector's item.

    So where are these fires? Check out Fires.

    Note: This page is probably going to be under "perpetual construction"--so don't be surprised at frequent additions/changes.  :O :)

    Here are some links about Centralia and other mine fires.

    Here she is, folks--the "granddaddy of all mine fires," Centralia.

    Centralia got a new sign.

       Other fires in Pennsylvania.

       The fire in Pennsylvania that I can't find.

   The "2007 Whirlwind Mine Fire Tour." :) :) -Dudes and dudettes, this is probably one of the coolest mine fire links ever.

    A mine fire is Alaska??!! Check out Healy.

   ANOTHER mine fire in Alaska??!!

      -And here are some better pics of the second mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um. -Sorry about that.  :) ) in Alaska.

   (Enough already, John) Healy goes "digital."

   A mine fire in Colorado."