A heart-warming redemption tale, with a few genuine twists—yet filled with enough existentialist/spiritual content, to stuff one of Charles Barkley's sweat socks.  –Original in the way that only an indie can be, these days.

      You won't believe this one is low budget.  The quality, given its price tag, is amazing.

      Equally amazing, is how this puppy was marketed.  I live in the United States—the realm of a thinly-veiled corporate oligarchy of ever increasing economic tyranny; so, of course, I inwardly (and sometimes outwardly :) ;) ) CHEER, when someone small–through perseverance, skill, and quality–becomes someone large.  :) :) From wikipedia:

The film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on January 23, 2009, and has screened in Denver, the Cancun Film Festival (where it won the Best International Feature award), Rams Head Onstage in Baltimore and in a number of independent movie houses in cities around the US. The film was widely circulated in peer-to-peer networks which led to its commercial success.

As no big studio picked up the film for theatrical and home distribution, Double Edge Films pitched the film directly to independent cinemas and saw to the DVD, Blu-ray and online distribution themselves. DVD and Blu-ray copies are sold directly via the company's website starting from October 30, 2009 and are sold at retail stores starting November 10, 2009, as well as downloads at Video on demand stores. According to TorrentFreak, a file sharing news site, Ink was downloaded via BitTorrent 400,000 times in a single week and exposed the film to a large audience, leading to higher DVD and Blu-ray sales in return. Jamin and Kiowa Winans wrote in their newsletter that they had "embraced the piracy" and are "happy Ink is getting unprecedented exposure." Around Christmas 2009 the film was also released on Hulu for free viewing for a limited time.

      Every review I have seen on this movie (as of 10/30/14 Thursday), has been positive.  Yep. You read that right.

      You know—it was funny: I bought this dvd up in (seriously) Alaska . . . and then didn't manage to find the time to watch it, for over two and a half years.  Had I known what was on it, I wouldn't've waited 48 hours.  :) ;)

Go see this flick.