I remember a long time ago (before I ever went to Alaska), seeing–late night on HBO–this oddly-ending movie, where a giant gunman comes charging down the hall, while a hotel goes up in flames behind him.  It was a VERY powerful scene.

      I had NO IDEA, I was getting into a metaphorical, existential journey—of such polished wonder, and with no clear resolution, even after all this time, and analysis.  (I LOVE that.  :) ;) ) And, as it turns out, that it is one of the most decorated films of all time (wikipedia).

      And even that's not strong enough—the way they managed the Hotel Earle–alone–warrants the highest cinematic praise.  (It's one of the most not just thought-provoking, but thought-forcing "locations" in the history of cinema.  Peeps are still talking about it. . . .)

      Some links on Barton Fink:


      (LOVE the Michael Bay reference.)

      :) ;)

      Another good one. –Warning, this one is a little . . . graphic. . . .


      And of course. . . .


      Barton Fink . . . must certainly be experienced.  Just WATCH THE FILM.  (Then come back, and read the rest of my page. . . .)

      And for a *MASSIVE* spoiler (and a look at just how much I have come to depend on things like spellchecker), you can click here.

      I'm going to go out on a limb, and state that Barton Fink is–definitively–the Coens Brothers' finest work—and not for lack of competition.  All this in spite of being a box office flop, and the strange way in which it was written/came about (second paragraph). . . .

      What's this I hear about a possible SEQUEL??!!  The Coen brothers have expressed interest in making a sequel to Barton Fink called Old Fink, which would take place in the 1960s. "It's the summer of love and [Fink is] teaching at Berkeley. He ratted on a lot of his friends to the House Un-American Activities Committee," said Joel Coen. The brothers have stated that they have had talks with John Turturro about reprising his role as Fink, but they were waiting "until he was actually old enough to play the part."

      Speaking to The A.V. Club in June 2011, Turturro suggested the sequel would be set in the 1970s, and Fink would be a hippie with a large Jewfro. He said "you'll have to wait another 10 years for that, at least".

      Now—if you're reading this, I challenge you to see if you can say "Jewfro," and without laughing.  :) ;) (I can't.)

      :) ;)

      John Turturro *RuLz*.

See Barton Fink.