Human beings have developed many ways of communicating with one another—many of which I have not mastered.

      One of those remarkable ways to communicate, had to wait some time—for the technology to be extant, for its creation: the movie.

      Movies relate to us in a unique way—for an hour, or three, we can be transported away, lost in a world of another human's imagination.

      The freedom to dream, to be lost in someone else's creation—(at least temporarily) TRANSCENDS this dreary world in which we live.  For some time, at least, we can be free of all our troubles, our concerns; we can even (if we so choose) take up the troubles of others—in situations–worlds, even–we can scarcely even imagine.

      As I've accumulated progressively more years of experience at life—I've found myself more and more taken with this "other world."  This is my 'Web Tribute—to some of the more remarkable entries.


      –My next younger brother, was to ask me what turned out to be THE most thought-provoking question, of my entire life—what are the top 10 movies of all time?  It took me over a year and a half—but here is my answer: Top 10.

      Things Only I Seem to Notice [about Movies]. . . .

      Barton Fink

      Phase IV

      The Reflecting Skin


      Honorable Mention:


      And here is a list, of lesser-known films, that I really liked: From the Bottom.  (Please note, that the only criterion for inclusion, was the the film was lesser-known, and that I liked it.  Some of them, are truly dreadful.)

       :p ;)