Interior Alaska is so far north, that--during certain parts of the year--the sun never sets.  Believe it or not, this positively *BITES*.  Imagine, if you will, 5 consecutive nights of TOTAL insomnia--followed by not getting more than five hours of sleep a night--at most!--until _August_.  :P :P :P :P One gets SOO tired--that rolling over in bed, going to the bathroom, etc.--becomes an EXTREME act of will.  But you *CAN'T* *SLEEP.* -Next to childhood, adolescence, and marriage--it is about the closest thing to hell on Earth that I can even imagine.

   But, to some people, this would be a wonderful--and unique--experience. -So, I put up a web page for it.

   On the way to Eagle Summit--this is the world-famous Poker Flat Rearch Range. They launch rockets, 'n stuff.

   June snow, anyone?

   And here is a young lady--a one Elaine Williams (!)--sticking her head out of the truck, to avoid flatulence.  For once--it WASN'T ME!! :)

   -And the secret to successful living in Alaska is . . .

. . . ADAPTION.  :)

On to the actual pics of the sun _not_ setting, 'n stuff.