1/19/12 Thursday

      For YEARS now, I have wanted to visit Riverside, Iowa—the Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk.  :) ;)

      Well, after over a decade's indentured servitude to the university of alaska fairbanks, it was finally time. . . .

      The trouble was . . . I couldn't find anything.  So, I stopped and talked to the first people I could find—some teenage girls at the local high school.

      A sad truth of our modern-day world: A middle-aged man, stopping to talk to/with female teenage strangers, is usually NOT a good idea; however. . . .

      "Hi! –I hope stupid questions are free, today."

       . . .

      "As you may or may not know, Riverside, Iowa is the Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk."

      "That's right."

      From there it went pretty well.  I learned approximately where the model of the USS Enterprise (Actually, the USS Riverside—setting the (final) type for this page, I first wondered: Was this because of liability/copyright issues??  (. . . .)) was (The knowledge of it's existence, related to me by a (late) member of the physics deparment—himself a native of Iowa.  Craptacular!), and. . . .

      On the first shot, I screwed up the exposure.  The effect was soo bizarre—that I kept it, 'n stuff:

:) ;)

      Some views of the "craft:"

      Last Saturday in June?  –Hmm. . . .

:) ;)

The End of the Road

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