I had a dilemma—I had taken a trip to Japan, and I wanted to share the pictures.  However, not all the trip was/is . . . "Believer appropriate."  (In fact, some of it, was some of the most disturbing and disgusting things, I was ever to experience.)  So . . . dilemma.

      The happy medium, I was to strike—was to post just the pictures, in links called "Japan_nice".  (These also link to each other.)

Japan nice

Japan nice 2

Japan nice 3

Japan nice 4

Japan nice 5

Japan nice 6

       . . . followed by a dose of "Japan_full."  Note that this was the first time, I was ever to link two bits of HTML, to the same set of pictures.  View the following, at your own risk.

I am completely serious.

Japan full

Heaven and Hell