Okay—where to begin?  I went over, to, like, mow this dude's lawn, 'n stuff.  The string/spring/starting mechanism acted funny . . . and then the string broke.  This left me–uncharacteristically–disheartened.

      The dude like, didn't mind, 'n stuff—and just ordered a new string.  So, I installed it.  The spring/starting mechanism on the top of the mower, still acted strangely—but I was able to get things started.  (I knew the spring system was damaged, somehow—I just didn't know how damaged. . . .)

      So, mowing along, mowing along. . . . My first sign of trouble, is when the cord, at an incredibly fast speed, was yanked free of the handle, and pulled right into the top of the mower.  Then it was ground to fluff—which was then expelled from the vents.  Then about a length and a half of the spring came out.  Then, the whole top of the mower exploded—spraying parts everywhere:

      It was really pretty spectacular.  Now, a normal person might've been seriously perturbed, or scared—or even angry.  I found it *HILARIOUS*.

       :) :) ;) ;)

      Undaunted, we used some "redneck engineering":

      We then attached this to a power drill and . . . voila!  She started right up.  (We used a split washer, on the inside of the socket—as it wasn't a size that mated to the square hole, and we wanted everything in a straight line.  I'm honestly not sure, if this was necessary—it was a nice touch, though.  :) :)

      After this, we just put a replacement mechanism, on the top of the mower.  (It amazes me—how fast things ship, these days.)  It works fine.  Somehow, though, that seemed like cheating. . . .

Methinks I might be a bit touchced.