In early November, 2001, I took yet another trip to Healy, Alaska.  Of note, these were the first _digital_ pictures I took of the place.

   Shot of the "main vent."

   The venting steam was showing quite well that day, so I decided to take one of the "secondary vent"--usually barely visible.

   Nice shot of the main vent with fumes floating away.

   Abandoned mine building, Town of Santrana.

   Shot of the colliery, and a rusting tower.

   A picture of the "red, poisonous, sulferous-smelling stream"--framed by snow.  -I don't think the digital camera quite captures the colors, there (Yes--there were some! :) )--as well as the "film one" did.  :(

   Nice shot of the main vent--with fumes drifting away. . . .

   A final shot of the colliery, with the mountain behind, shrouded in mist.