These next two pictures are from my second trip to Healy.  The first one (I think), is of the "odd formation" from the back of the valley.  The second one is from inside the valley, looking south.  The stream you see was frozen--I think the mist you see is actually the photographer's breath.  :)

The remainder of the shots are from my third (and probably final) trip to Healy.  

Here is a good shot of the valley.

And here is a picture of a cool "point of rock."

Sun dogs Rule!!

This next shot doesn't really show what is happening; this is where the "red, poisonous, sulferous-smelling stream" bubbles up from the ground.  The water is so warm, that it melts the snow--and it flows _upwards_ with such force, that it continually moves sand in smallish underwater plumes.

    I walked up the "glacier" (next page) for about 2 miles (It was really quite a walk.  :P).  There is some very soft "sandstone," there, and some peeps carved their names in the rock, 'n stuff.  SOMEBODY--I have know idea who--carved a RHINOCEROS!! in the rock.  :)

On to more pictures of Healy, 'n stuff.