A mine fire in Alaska??!!

    Here are some pictures of the mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Heh-heh.  -Sorry about that.) in Healy, Alaska.

    Here is a nice shot of the colliery, with a mountain in the background.

-I like it.
    And here is a shot of the main vent--venting away.

    And here is a closer view.

    There were some odd formations around.

    Yes, there were some really odd formations about.

    If ever I missed the red, poisonous, sulferous-smelling streams of Pennsylvania. . . .

    The Healy mine fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Heh-heh.  -Sorry about that.) is just a baby.  (It may not stay that way, though.  :O )
    There was a lot of really interesting stuff around, though.  There were a few more vents than that one shown--and more "interesting formations."  I walked up this valley, of sorts, and saw a lot of exposed coal seams.  I also saw some sort of (Indian?) mosaic on one of the hills.  There was some sand at the end of the "valley," and I held some of it in my hand.  It was so cold, that it was starting to give me frostbite.  Not the sort of behavior one expects from sand, let alone sand on what looks like a beach.  Someone had made a "sand angel." That was really cool.  :)
    I plan on going back some time in the future.  I hope to take more pics, and explore some more.  I found it hard to exert myself that day (It is difficult to exert oneself in extreme cold--and it was well under 0 Fahrenheit that day.), and I felt that I should leave.  The sun was setting in a glorious pink glow behind a rugged, snow-capped mountain (at 3:30 PM :P ), and everyone one who comes to Alaska soon learns just what it means when mountains start progressively disappearing, farthest away to nearest--SNOW.  :)

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