O-kay. . . .

      Over 25 years ago (as of 2012), [redeacted] came up with some . . . alternate words to an established song.  Whilst I didn't think all that much of them, [redacted] was really taken with them.

      Something like 17 years ago (!), I told them to [redacted].  She was . . . rather taken with the little jingle, and remembered it in detail.  Well, here it is—in all its "glory."

      Sung to the tune of "Spiderman," by Rob Harris:

Gerbil Man, Gerbil Man

Does Whatever a Gerbil Can

Shave 'Im Down, Slick 'Im Up, in a Tube,"

Up the Butt

Oh, Yeah!

There Goes the Gerbil Man!

Bwaaaah! Bwaaaah! Bwaaaah!

      Well, just recently, it has seemed to have had a "resurgence."  It was told to an aspiring tuba player–who was so taken with the little tune–that he sang it to his father, himself a college English professor.

      His father found it . . . intriguing.

      What are we—save for our stories?