In 2002, I was invited to attend the GEM (Geospace Environment Modeling) Conference in Telluride, Colorado.  It was the first "space physics conference" that I had ever attended, and I thought it an honor to have been invited.

   Hey? -Why is he taking my picture? Here is a picture of Katariina--with the Denver International Airport in the background.

   Believe it or not, physicists _do_ party--man, do they ever.  :) Here is a picture of Katariina--mildly intoxicated, kebab in hand:

   Oooh--isn't he handsome? (Reading this twice, I think I should specify---this is ME: :) )

   I never could remember this guy's name, but he was quite friendly, really intelligent, and from that smaller state . . . um, yeah! -Texas.  :) Here he is, wearing a positively _awesome_ "physicist's shirt:" :)

   I don't know who these guys are--up and coming space physicists, all.  The one on the left is Mia.

    . . . And here is our fearless organizer of GEM: Umbe.  She's really cool.  :)

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