Quickly--what is the worst nuclear accident in North American history? Here are some of what I think are really good pictures of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.  :)

   Of note, my daddy worked there for quite some years. . . .  -Hired *AFTER* the accident, thank you very much! :)

   Now this one has quite a story behind it.  Shown is a minature representation of the Statue of Liberty.  It is placed on one of the pillars of one of the (three) attempts at building a stone arch railroad bridge across the mighty Susquehanna River.  (Of note, the third--the Rockville Bridge--is still standing, in use, and is the longest stone arch bridge in the world.) At one time it was only a rumor that some body shop dudes in Dauphin had made it.  During this time, I even stopped in and asked them about said rumor (I was trying to buy a hearse off of them--like in the movie "King Frat." :) ); he told me that he wouldn't substantiate it.  Years later, they are now funded by the state for their--more than a little--creative and impressive work.  (I believe this is actually the second incarnation of the statue.) The body shop dudes took no small amount of risk traveling down the river on innertubes, putting the first one up.  I am a little surprised that this thing isn't more famous than it is.

   Here is a picture of Linda and Gary.  They are the owner and cook for "The Pub"--a (nay, _THE_ :) ) local bar in (what is unfortunately) my home town of Duncannon, Pennsylvania.  I really like these two--along with the Snyders, they are just about the only people in Duncannon who treated me like I was a human being.  No, I'm not bitter about my home town--why do you ask? ;) :)

   And here is a picture of a world-famous *PUB BURGER*!! -Along with the four pound, ten pence steak-and-kidney pie of the "Happy Man" pub of Englefield Green, Surrey County, England--it represents all that is good about food.  Of the (rather short) list of all the things I actually do miss from central Pennsylvania, the PUB BURGER rates very high, indeed.

Mo' fly pics.