Saint Mary's Cemetery

      5/4/18 Friday

      A LONG time ago, when I was attending R.ectal P.ain I.nduction, I used to come up here.  I didn't come up here, for mischief, grave robbing—or even extreme necrophilia.  I just came up here to sit and think.

      Here is a bench I used to sit on:

      Now, one might wonder–how, after all this time–could I be sure I had the right bench.  I mean, it's a big place. . . .

      Well, those stones behind it, have been kitty-corned, in that way . . . for a LONG time. . . .  Also, from the location of some nearby mausoleums—yes, I was sure.  This is the place.

      The view from the bench:

I hadn't been there—in over 30 years.