5/6/18 Sunday

      While I'm not sure if I remember the first time I turned onto 787 south (from the Thruway), I do remember, that my young self, had a lot of trouble with the merge.

      First one has to get into the left hand lane, then that left hand lane merges, and ends.  I remember this being very stressful—every time.

      I found that if one just went downhill, and went with the flow, it would (and did) work.

      I also remember–extraordinarily clearly–this one time, I was coming from Rochester (later studies), listening to "The Magic of Mozart" on cassette (I later learned the title of the specific song I was listening to is "Alla Turca" ["The Turkish March"].)—under this amazing, late autumn, orange moon (thus the choice of background color). . . .

      I also found the view of Albany, from 787, so extraordinary—that its description, found its way into a full-length novel I wrote.  (Don't go looking for it—it's under a pen name.  I told the publisher to only release my true identity—if it was the Nobel Prize Committee come calling.)

I haven't heard from them yet.

      :p ;)

      So—well, since the very beginning, I have always wondered: Where does that road, already extant, come from?  What is its source?

      Well, (comfortably) over 30 years later, I was able to find out.

      Head into the southwest corner of Albany, on 443.  Then, turn onto 9W southbound.  There is a sign, for "To 787."  Take it, and. . . .

      Part of me couldn't even believe it.

      And there it is—a 30+ year fixation, FINALLY laid to rest.