Red Green stated, that the average man, will own 10 cars in his lifetime.  Okay, well, maybe not own—but make payments on.  :) :)

      Well, this here, is a tribute to–hands down–the FINEST vehicle I have ever owned—My 1978 CORDOBA.

      I have driven her, since high school—and into my first Masters [degree].  And I promised her, if I made it—she was comin', too.

      So, here is the journey, of her complete restoration.  This link may take YEARS.  It may also be, the greatest "labor of LOVE" . . . of my entire life.

      Now, as MY CORDOBA (!!) is a 318, I have dubbed March 18th, "CORDOBA Day!!"  :) :) Now, I had hoped to start the restoration, on 3/18/18—"CORDOBA Day of the Century"—but this didn't work out.  (Dreams move more slowly, for the present batch of Americans.)  So, it looks as though "the party," is going to start, this coming 3/18/19—a Monday.

      The first thing I needed, was a coffee can with a lid.  One just "fell into my lap," whilst working as a Deacon, at the Congregational Church of North Chelmsford, on February 2nd, 2019 Sunday (of course :) ;) ).

      Just why I need a coffee can (?)—well we'll see.

       :) ;)

3/13/19 Wed-nes-day. . . . :) :)

      Taken at the "Five Guys," in Nashua.  As the day approaches. . . .

      3/18/19 Monday


      The restoration has begun!!

      I put these pictures up—mostly, so I can fantasize, about future engine work. . . .

      On 9/17/2020 Thursday, an unexpected bit of progress. . . .

       . . . I now have the VIN!!

:) :) :) :)