The Geophysical Institute in this place in Interior Al-ass-ka--where they do like, science, 'n stuff.  Sometimes, it is a really cool place.  Sometimes, it is a remarkably suckie place.  It is never, however, a boring place.  :) -Bored with the work inside? -Go out and see the aurora screaming overhead, or maybe bizarre arctic light phenomena over the valley---or maybe even a moose eating the flowerbed.

   But this one was something new, entirely.  What allowed/made this to be as funny as it was---was the fact that (perhaps miraculously) NOBODY GOT HURT! Apparently, this thing tipped over in pretty much "slow motion."

   What's wrong with the following pictures?

   Could it be that someone forgot to put a(/the) boot(s) down on a crane they were operating---and it tipped over into a ditch? (Once it had been ascertained that nobody had been hurt (and perhaps even before then),) The entire G.I. and IARC (International Arctic Research Center) (They have much cleaner bathrooms, 'n stuff.) were laughin' their butts off---and for a coupl'a' days! :) :)

   So---whad'd'ya' do when ya' tip a crane into a ditch, 400 miles from the next nearest population center? -Why, get a bigger crane to pull it out.  Here is a picture of peeps attempting to do just that, 'n stuff.

   The following picture has a bit of a "history," in that it was "lost" for some time.  Apparently, in the megrims of digitals cameras, this. . . .  Eh, it's too complicated.  Anyway, we thought this photo lost for some time, then pretty much miraculously got it back again.  (This made me very happy, as this photo opportunity was . . . unique.  :) )

   I really like this photo: It shows how "the signpost" was taken down for this construction.  (I remember one of the "signs" in the Operations Office, downstairs, for a while. . . .) It also shows how large the scope of the Utilidor construction was---this bugger runs almost to the horizon, 'n stuff.  I took this picture from the observation lounge of the 4th floor of IARC, if anybody wondered, 'n stuff.  (It's pretty cool---it extends over the side of the building below it, 'n stuff.)

   Well, I hope you enjoyed this little journey through "Error Analysis at the G.I." We all thought that this little episode was an absolute riot! :)