-Quick, what's the largest "antlered critter" in the world? If you said "moose"--good guess.  If you said "Alaskan moose"--even better guess.  (Alaskan moose are the largest moose in the world, 'n stuff.)

   True enough, moose have the largest (both in width and mass) "rack," but the world's largest "antlered critter" (both in height and mass of critter) is . . . a subspecies of Roosevelt Elk--found only in Pennsylvania.  Surprised? -I sure was.  :O

   Here are some pictures of this most magestic beast.  They were taken by my uncle--who is a serious photographer-dude.  -Enjoy!

   Hello, I am an elk-dude.  Here is a picture of me hiding/munching in someone's back yard:

   And here is a clearer view of me, still munching.

   And here is another picture of me--partially obscurred.

   And here is a picture of a female of the species.  This was where we met a dude in a pick-up truck, with an absolute *BLAZE* of intelligence in his eyes.  "-What are those, antelope?" Sometimes it just amazes me, who is _encouraged_ to breed. . . .

   The elk are absolutely astounding.  And sometimes, they look so regal--othertimes, they look like absolute doofuses.  Here are two pictures of an elk-dude looking like a doofus:

   . . . And here is a picture of one looking regal:

   Of note, this was a _small_ one.  The truly big bulls, quite literally, defy description! :O