So, on July 29th, 2020 Wed-nes-day ( :) :), I stopped at fife and drum corps practice—of a group I used to belong to.

      Almost immediately upon arriving, my phone squawked with a tornado warning:

      (Yes, that's Barbara Eden.)

      ( :) ;) )

      Debbie asked, if we should take shelter.  I said it all depends on what one's "values" are.  I have over a quarter million, in student loan debt—so of course I'm not the least bit concerned. . . .

      ( :) ;) )

      A rainbow formed.

      And it just got brighter. . . .

      Yes—the black Impreza, is the rig—driven all the way down, from Fairbanks, Alaska.

      Unfortunately, all the "action," was all happening south of us:

      Oh. Funny anecdote: The corps was performing, at an old folk's home.  One old guy, came out of his room, and started "chasing" them, with his walker.

      ( :) :) )

      Sometimes, SEVERE weather, produces awesome sunsets.  And this one was no exception—from the wal-(f)art (sic) parking lot:

      And there was this gem, on the way back:

      When I got to the road I live on, it started to spit some serious lightning.

      And turning around, this wonderful shot—of a waxing gibbeous moon.

      Pity it wasn't captured, with a better camera.

      Ultimately, there was no tornado—only a warning.