In late January of 2015, a whole bunch of snow fell out of the sky, 'n stuff.  (This was around Boston, or something.)

      A coworker asked me, "As you know, I used to live in Texas—and when there was even a dusting of snow on the ground, there, people would freak out.  I wanted to ask you, being from Alaska—do you find all the preparations for a storm, somewhat silly?"  I told her no—we didn't get anywhere NEAR this type of snow load.  –Fairbanks was "semi-arid."

      A guy at Subway, asked me if I was ready for the storm.  I told him I had three pizzas—and half a bottle of Scotch.  "I'm ready for anything."  "I'm comin' to your house!"

      :) :)

      The rate at which the snow was falling was . . . unbelievable.  My landlord told me that we were in a "lull," and that it was time for "round one."  I looked out the big front window, and the snow is just whipping by, 90 degrees to the vertical.  "This is a LULL??!!"  "For this one, yes."

      Snow on the Impreza.

      There was SOO much of it—that one can barely even tell that I had the kayak rack on top!!

      The snow on the roof of the house was pretty amazing, too.

      A close-up:

      All told, 32 inches of snow fell.  My landlord told me that this was nowhere near, as bad as he had seen.  I have trouble, even imagining worse. . . .

Welcome to New England.

      :P ;)

      You know—it's funny: In Church this past Sunday, someone remarked, that they didn't think the groundhog was going to see his shadow on Monday (today, 2/2/15 "Groundhog Day").  In fact, I don't think he's even going to be able to tunnel his way out.  (It's snowing, again.  (. . . .))

      Some stuff I added later, 'n stuff.  The winter of 2015 was truly dreadful.

      Snow—piled higher than the Impreza!

      Whilst truly a sturdy lot, what one New Englander had to say:

      Something my landlady sent me, 'n stuff.

Source: The 'Web