I was heading . . . east, I guess it was, on Chena Hot Springs Road.  The weather was getting increasingly snarky.

      I kept catching glimpses, of something that looked like . . . "tubes of horizontally rotating air."  Seeing a tornado being the last major goal I have in my life (It has been a MAJOR life goal, since I was 12—more years ago than I care to admit!  ( :) ;) )), I drove to where it was visible, about as quickly as I could.

      12:23:42 AM:

      It was/is SOO amazing—I included another pic:

      12:24:03 AM:

      The clouds near the ground on the right, were moving to right—at an INCREDIBLE clip.

      12:28:42 AM:

      I seriously wondered—if a TORNADO (!!!!) was trying to form.

      12:28:45 AM:

      I really don't think so, though—I think the clouds just happened to be coming down to the ground:

      12:28:51 AM:

      At this point, I continued eastward.  (I was VERY tired—and I couldn't stay at this point in the road, without genuine concern about getting hit.  Also, parking the car on McKee Farm road, and then walking to this point, and standing with the METAL tripod–in a lightning storm–didn't appeal to me either.  :p ;) )

      I passed through the most impressive rain and lightning/thunder I have ever seen in Interior Alaska—[that is] over 10 years.  :P ;) Coming out the other side, I saw these amazing sunsets/sunrises (in the Arctic, at this time of year—they're pretty much one and the same :P :P ).

      12:40:46 AM:

      12:40:51 AM:

      Not terribly long after this, on the way up to Fox, I saw some positively beautiful sunsets—they looked like something out of an Elizabethan painting of a vessel at sea. . . .

      A lesson that I seem to keep perpetually "learning" (that, is forgetting :p ;) ) is that–if one sees something cool–stop NOW and look/take pictures of it.  One may not be able to see it as well down the road—whatever you're looking at may not last.  By the time I got were I was going, the amazing sunset was all but gone. . . .