It all started with–on 6/13/11 Monday–seeing some NASTY looking clouds:

      Then, we were amazed—to watch changes in the clouds, occurring right before our very eyes:

      Things were dropping out of the clouds.  "Fingers of black" were forming, out of nothing.  The speed with which this was happening was incredible.  (!!)

      Things were forming, right out of the bottom(s) of clouds—changing on the order of seconds.  (!!)

      Thing just kept reaching further and further, towards the ground. . . .

      Although we could not see any (real) rotation—we were toying with the idea, that a tornado (!!!!) was forming:

      Sunlit rain bands:

      Then towards the right, things just seemed to relax. . . .

      Towards the left. . . . –This look like a "funnel cloud" to you?

      Then everyting just sorta' relaxed, and faded. . . .

      Some more sunlit rain bands:

      –Don't know what it was.  –Never seen anything like it, before or since.