Late in 2009, I bought a 2010 Subaru Impreza, new.  Nicknamed "Dela," it/she has turned out to be an EXTRORDINARY vehicle.

      At 100,000 miles, I balanced a nickel, on the intake manifold, while the engine was idling.  Now, on how many cars, can one do that??!!

      Some Mileage Milestones.

      A Very Special Mileage Milestone.

      Drive Magazine's Mention of "Dela"

      Subura 2010 Maintenance Schedules

      Some Some Maintenance Notes.

      NOT for the faint of heart: SOHC Subaru Timing Belt Replacement Procedure.

      I don't really have words, for how this video affected me: Subaru Engine Build (ASMR).  It was/is, truly a thing of beauty. . . .

      This guy gets it: SUBARU EJ20 / EJ25 - What makes them GREAT? ICONIC ENGINES #13.  (7/24/2020 Friday)

      However, when "the rap" starts—just shut the video down. . . .

Trust me.

      I've wanted, to be able to do this, for decades: How to mount and balance a car tire yourself.

      So—how many cars, have Personalized license plate tags?