On 12/18/2019 Wednesday, "Dela" (my nickname for the Impreza), achieved a VERY special mileage milestone:

My Impreza . . . Has Been to the MOON (!!)

Mention of this in "Drive" Magazine

      She flipped over 221,500 miles—the closest approach, of the Moon to the Earth (perihelion).


      Coming into Charlemont (Massachusetts), we had the most incredibly beautiful snow flurries.  Seriously—I don't have words to express it.

      Stopping in Greensfield (Massachusetts), for gas, I told the guys behind the counter, that I expected that car—to reach the mileage of the nearest approach to the Moon, today.  "Let us know—if it's made of green cheese!!"

      I couldn't help myself—I broke out with hearty laughter.

       :) :)

      After crossing over into New York, we had one of those–common to New England–drifts of snow, coming off of the trees.  A vehicle sped through it—providing me with my own viewing wind tunnel. . . .

      Then, on the Northway ([Upstate] New York) (I used to call it "Pupstate"—because I went there, to visit Mr. Bubbles. . . .   :) ;) ), counting down. . . .

      I couldn't believe it.

We MADE IT.  (!!!!)

       :) :) :) :)