May 22nd, 2020 Friday

      We had a Deacon's Meeting.  This one, however, was in "meatspace."

      I told them, I wanted to take a picture of this, as this was "a moment in history."

      They thought I was joking.  (I can't imagine why.  :p ;) )

      However, I do think—that these are historically significant pictures:

      This is history—when a superpower, is laid siege, by an invader less than one hundred millionth the mass, of even one of the cells it is invading (the ultimate "David vs Goliath") :

      They mentioned that, each with their own table . . . did one feel a sense of power?  It was like, the United Nations.  So, I decided to make a name tag for my country.  I thought for a bit—but only one fit the bill:

       :) :) ;) ;)

      And I kept saying things, like, "Grand Fenwick approves."  :) :)

      They discussed the possibility, of an outdoor service.  I said that if they did, they had better look out for ticks—as, the last thing we want, is "corona with Lyme."

       :) :) ;) ;)

      We then went to the Sanctuary, where an INCREDIBLY detailed map–and system–was set up—to absolutely MAXIMIZE seating, with the new rules.  I ~chastised them, for exclusively "two-dimensional thinking"—I mean, if we started hanging people, from the ceiling. . . .

      (I didn't learn this until the following Sunday—but this idea, came to serve as the "seed" for this week's sermon.  Wow.)

      Seriously, Jimmy De Profio did an INCREDIBLE job, of setting things up—EXTRAORDINARY attention to detail.  And there was a . . . "weird moment," where I saw. . .

      Okay. A little background, here.  Towards the end of the day, our Church is lit up by the setting sun—like a scene, from a Ridley Scott movie.  Seriously, it is beautiful. . . .  Well, I saw a member of our Board–**** ********–lit by the red light.

It was a bit uncanny.

Keep 'er between the ditches, World.