Here are some pictures of the state of Colorado.

   Here is a picture of the Denver International Airport.  This one didn't come out so well--part of the airport looks like "giant sail"--supported at various points.

   And here is a picture of the city of Denver.  It was the first time I had ever seen it.  (Of note, I have been a Broncos fan---since 1976!! :) )

   And here is a picture of Colorado sunset--in their own "forest fire season." :P

   -It looks as though I took the "image quality" down too low for this one. . . .  It says, "Monarch Pass, Elevation 11,513 ft.  I had a healthy resting pulse--for someone fully acclimated---on the top of Everest! :P

   And here is a picture of Fred--our tireless traveling companion.  :)

On to more pictures of Colorado, 'n stuff.