For a long time, now, I have been telling people, "Even the clouds are different in the arctic." "Different, how?" they ask--and you know, I'm not really able to answer them on that one.  So, I decided to show some pictures.  This is what I mean.  :)

   Frequently, and I do mean frequently, one will see clouds with many long, wispy "tendrils" hanging down.  They look sort of like "rain bands," but aren't.  -The kind of clouds that--if you saw them in the [American] Mid-West--you'd stop the car, and grab your ankles.  :) (They seem pretty harmless, though.)

   And then one day, as I was driving down to the Student Recreation Center, I saw some of these things--looking for all the world like a gigantic jellyfish's tendrils, still lit by the setting sun--while everything else was in the shadows of sunset.  I though, Wow--now that I have a "digital camera," I can just go up to the apartment, grab it, and take some pics.  Then I thought, No way--the sun will be down enough, that the effect will be gone by the time you get there.  But . . . then I remembered just at what latitude I was.  :) Twilight in the arctic, is a big deal--and takes _hours_.  So, I drove up to the apartment, got the camera, and still had plenty of time to take these pics.  :)

   A view of the sunlit bottom of one of these "arctic clouds": (This was just outside my apartment.)

   . . . And here are some more: (This was taken from the viewing area, in front of the Natural Sciences Facility.)

   This one shows a large, black cloud of smoke, rising from the Fairbanks International Airport.  Just before I took this picture, there were *HUGE* jets of flame coming up from the bottom of this.  (I tried to capture them "on 'film,'" but I was too late.  -"A man can never step in the same river, twice." :) )

   And here is a picture of an absolutely _beautiful_ Alaskan sunset.  I "pushed" the memory, takin' this one--but I didn't want this one to be "lost to time." :)