First, some facts about Chicken:

   Chicken is so named, because the original settlers, actually gold-miners, couldn't spell Ptarmigan.  They wanted to call the the town Ptarmigan, because the plentiful local birds filled many a pot in their camps.  Ptarmigan were also called "chickens"--and that's how (seriously) the town got it's name.

   Snow varies in depth.  Some years just a bit.  Some years quite a bit.  Yes, it can get really cold.  There have been temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees below Fahrenheit.  OK don't believe me--it's true, though.

   Satellite phones can be found.  Cell phones don't work 'til mile 32, and then you've got to park the truck just right.  There have been rumors about cellular service--but that'll be belived once it's seen, and not before.

   The nearest town in "Tok" (named after Tokyo, during the fevered construction of the Alaska Highway in World War II)--about 78 miles away.  The Canadian Border is about 42 miles away.  It closes at 8 PM.

   These are also the first pictures I've taken since I "switched to digital." :)

   Here is a picture of the first sign telling you that you're on your way to Chicken.  You can't see it very well, but there are two toilets--yes, toilets--set into the bank behind the sign.  (The upper one is smashed.) -Don't ask, don't tell, I guess.  -Maybe this is their idea of a "rest stop. . . ."

   And here is a sign welcoming one to "Chicken Community." "-Not what you'd call a 'going concern.'" :)

   And here, finally, is a picture of bustling, beautiful, Downtown Chicken--three buildings, and two outhouses.  And yes, Joey - Dude, they did have CHICKENS!! (No pictures, though--ran out of memory, 'n stuff.  -Got a card, just today. . . .)