If one turns east onto Chena Hot Springs Road--from the Steese [Highway], just north of Fairbanks--and takes in ALL THE WAY TO THE END, one arrives at Chena Hot Springs Resort---open year around.

   Hmm. -I don't think it'll start. . . .


   And here is the outdoor spring.  -As I've said, the spring is open year-around; I thought that the snow on the rocks, above rising steam and contented ?bathers?, was a nice touch.  :)

   An interesting thing about this picture: Apparently, there was a woman wearing a white shirt, which was thoroughly soaked---and with--*ahem*--apparently nothing whatsoever on underneath.  And she walked right past us.  -And I missed it.  (!) Those of you who know me, will find that positively astounding.  :) And I must apologize to every male who will ever read this page . . . in that I didn't get a picture for you.  ;)

   There is also an indoor pool.  Perhaps one can feel a bit . . . safer, swimming in it--as it's chlorinated.  The following picture might have been taken from a scene in just about any indoor pool, anywhere in the country---except for the fact that the water smelled strongly of the minerals that saturated it--and the mural of the aurora (northern lights) on the wall above the pool.  I thought that that was a really nice touch.  :)

   I find this more than a little . . . macabre, but. . . .

   It is a pile--pyre?--of moose antlers. . . .  :P

   I'm not exactly sure why I took this last picture.  -I was, perhaps, trying to catch the effect of light on a hill--which I was just a wee bit too late for--or trying to show how the mountains rose in all direction around the valley the resort was located it---I dunno'.

   Well, I guess that's it.  I wanted to show people a little bit of what Chena Hot Springs is like.  It's a pretty cool place, and I hope you've enjoyed our little "tour." :)