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      I was looking for something–SPECIAL–to do for my [redeacted]th ( :) ;) ) birthday.  For every birthday past my [redacted]th, I have been grateful to have made it so far—and have done something special, to celebrate (e.g. Going to see Van Gogh's "Starry Night," in person).

      I was wondering what to do, what to do. . . .  Then, I realized, it was right there in front of me, all the time: Let's do what I have been meaning to do [for some time]—let's go see The Cheers Bar, in Bahstun (sic).  :) ;)

      Travel was difficult, for an autistic.  –I got on a bus, I had never been on before.  I was so . . . traumatised, by public transportation, I hadn't used it since—England, 1996.  (Well—only once since then—Stonehenge (another story :) ).)

      :) ;)

      Bus, then . . . dubious footmap, then. . . .

      Beacon Street—part of me couldn't believe I was here.  (!!!!)

      (I couldn't see, the name on the base of the statue—through the camera lens.)

      This is, like, the dude from the movie Glory, 'n stuff.

      The main protagonist in the film, is . . . a lot more. . . .  I was going to like, put info on this here, 'n stuff—but just didn't want to deal with the . . . "controversy," 'n stuff. . . . .

      A tree surgeon was here.  :) I put this here—because it's cool, and because I have experienced a tendency, to be told that things like this are "just too difficult to be believed. . . ."


      :p :P

      Bill—I put this one in, for like, you, 'n stuff:

      There she is.  (!!) –Part of me, couldn't believe, I was actually here, 'n stuff:

      Anyone who's seen any appreciable amount of American tv, has seen this side of the street—here is what the other side looks like, 'n stuff:

      The classic view:

      Now here came a suprise—this is on route 2.  (!) Route 2 goes all the way, to the border [of Massachusetts] with New York [State].  This means, I may very well have driven past here, and multiple times, without EVER realizing, or even suspecting. . . .



      Again, part of me, couldn't believe I was here (!!)—and I told the maître d' so.

      (He smiled politely.  :) )

      Some shiny-doomed building, 'n stuff:

      A REALLY tall building, 'n stuff.


      Cheers to the Bull and Finch:

      Bull and Finch

      And if one is looking for the "clone bar"—that is, the one that actually looks like the one in the show, one can go here, 'n stuff.)

      (There is some actual stuff from the show there, 'n stuff)

      "Cheers" is one of the best tv shows in American television history.  (And yes, I realize how . . . in itself, that is not such high praise.  :p :P ;) ;) ) Also, its final episode, was the third most watch series finale, in [American] television history.  But that is not enough [praise].  Cheers was the first "appointment tv" for me—since Kolchak The Night Stalker.   (And, it was to be the last—until Lost and Transform Me.   (The latter came on just after lost.  It showed three transgendered women, traveling around the countty, in an ambulance—helping women recover their "inner feminitiy."  It was like a train wreck—I just couldn't tear my eyes away. . . .)) (And Cheers is just about the only show, that makes mention, of–quite possibly–the greatest poem, in the Western hemisphere—"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."  At my count, two, unexplained—one is expected (or, at least, required) to catch the reference(s) oneself.  (For . . . "completeness"' sake, there is a (very) obscure reference, in Stephen King's "The Stand"—left to be caught only by "literary geeks," like me.) Cheers wormed it's way into our hearts, our culture—everybody knows Norm's name.  :) ;) The concept of the neighborhood bar resonates, in our nation's very soul.  Also, I was to learn, my predecessor at my [now former] job, Julien [redacted], attended there regularly.  Peeps there, did–indeed–"know his name" (and buy him drinks :) ;) ).  This visit will rate highly, in my life's experiences . . . forever.

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