The Centralia Geyser!

      12/26/20 Sunday

      It took me months to find this thing.  The Centralia Geyser:

      And here is what I am calling "The Lesser Flow":

      The following films, were taken with my crappy camera.  When I put them on YouTube–or try to open them on my computer(s)–they look like crap.  However, if I just link them. . . .

The Main Geyser

Lesser Flow 1

Lesser Flow 2

      Hmm. They still look like crap.  Sorry. Next time you see me, ask me to show them to you on my phone.  :) ;)

      Finding this beggar, after all this time, was incredible experience for me—it made me feel that everything was right with the universe.  :) ;) It put me on an emotional high, that lasted for the rest of the day.

       :) ;)