It all started with Laura writing me, and saying, "You'd better be taking good care of my doggie!!"  (I had been saddled with the duty of taking care of "Bubbles" for the summer of 2005.) Well, I thought I'd take the time to make a web link--to show her just how good of care I am taking of her butt nugget.

      Now Mr. Bubbles (His full name---we thought we had a female; thus, he was named "Bubbles"--after one of the Power Puff Girls.  When we found out we actually had a male, he became "Mr. Bubbles." :P ) is exactly what he seems---a farty little bapmeister.  (Who--for some unfathomable reason--is TOTALLY enamored with his "Daddy.") Still, so nobly charged, we have taken positively exemplary care of him--as we soon shall see.  I thought I'd tell this narrative from "Bubbles's" point of view. . . .


      My Daddy loves me.  He makes sure that I have a doghouse at home:

      He also makes sure I have a doghouse away from home:

      My Daddy loves me so much.  He seems very concerned that I am clean.


      My Daddy loves me so much.  He takes me to a posh puppy parlor for a haircut!

      Interjection by "Daddy": This next one was so good, I had to include it.  :) It reads: "Strong enough for a man.  But made for a chihuahua."  :) :)

      See my new haircut!

      My Daddy loves me so much!

7/21/05 (Note: The only way this date (taken from the (original) name of the photo the camera applied) makes sense--is if the camera somehow got set for [the] Eastern Time Zone. . . .)

      Even Rosie didn't know what to make of me when I got back home.  :)


      Interjection by "Daddy": This one didn't come out so well. . . .  But you get the meaning.  :)

      My Daddy loves me so much! He put me on the counter on a platter with lettuce, and tried to have me put a tomato in my mouth.  (He must really love me to feed me so well.  :) )

      Interjection by "Daddy": Mmmmm. Razorback. :)

      And finally, my Daddy loves me soo much--that he makes artwork of my fur--from when I got my haircut.

      Interjection by "Daddy": It's a "bap-istry"---get it? :)

      So, you can see, Mommy---you have no worries.  My Daddy loves me, and is taking VERY GOOD CARE OF ME! :) :)

      RAVES for this page.  :)