There is a possible mine fire burning in Archbald, PA--near the Valley View High School.  A brush fire ignited the underground root system(s) of the trees.  It appears that there is actually a peat bog on fire--making this an "underground forest fire," and not a true mine fire.  However, it is still possible for a coal seam to ignite.  A similar fire in a bog, in the area of Miner's Ridge in Archabald, burned for years back in the '40's.

Direction to Valley View High School: Take the one and only exit for Archbald off of the interstate.  Follow the road you find yourself on to the "main drag" through town; it will jog toward the end.  Take a left and follow this until you come to the first (and only) "major turn on the left." There is a gas station on the near corner.  Follow this road for quite some way (~2 miles) until you reach a flashing light, and turn right.  You will see sign for the schools.  Take the marked right, pass the first two schools, and stop before you reach the high school.  The fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um. -Sorry about that. :) ) area is on your right.

A picture of a tree killed by the fire:

Another picture--this one of a small tree, scorched down to a stump.

A special note: This area is extremely dangerous.  Now that I have told you exactly how to get there, please don't go there.  Although there has _never_ been a case of "rapid subsidence" in conjunction with a mine fire, there have been with peat fires--presumably because the ground above is geologically a lot "younger," and thus thinner.  A piece of heavy equipment has already been swallowed by this fire.  I shouldn't even have taken these pictures. . . .

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