Dear Various:

      I had a VERY strange experience, the other day—that I thought I'd share.  I was watching some of the "extras" for "Space 1999."  (If you haven't seen "Space 1999"—I, beyond strongly, recommend that you do.  It's EXQUISITE science fiction.)  I think it was "Ring Around the Moon"—the one where Barbara Bain's brain gets taken over by a computer, and. . . .

      An-Y-Way ( :) ;) ), in the extras, it showed . . . was it Charles Crighton? –or Sanderson himself? standing in a set of the lunar surface, with Commander Koenig (a.k.a. Martin Landau :) :) ), with his visor [of his spacesuit] up.  It was then that I realized—that I had bought the illusion of actually being on the airless lunar surface, hook, line, and sinker (and for something like 35 YEARS (!!)).  This even with noticing being able to see though the gap of suit and helmet, in season two episode.

      I'm funny that way.  :) :) –Making everyone's day just a little more surreal. . . .




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