I figure if I'm going to be stuck here interminably in pursuit a PhD, I might as well take some cool pictures.  :)

      I think that this next picture is really cool.  It is a rack of moose antlers at the house of a friend from my church.  The different colors are due to the fact that they still have the "felt" on them.  Prior to this, I didn't even know that moose antlers had felt---probably should'a' figured that one out, thought. . . .

      Now, some people say that I have been altered by my longish stay in the far north.  I, of course, do not.  :) -After viewing the following picture, you can judge for yourself:

      Now here is an example of "Alaskan" "ingenuity" at its best---it is a light fixture, made out of an old faucet.  :)

      And this one is for Bob, the Moogster, and Joey-Dude.  :) It didn't come out very well(I have to get a better camera. . . .)--but here is a picture of the sign for . . . Olnes Pond (population 1 :) ).

      Fairbanks . . . on a very cold day. . . .

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