I am beginning to wonder just how many links of Alaskan pictures are still appropriate/of interest--but, there were just so many cool things to see! :)

   Now this one had an interesting history: Katarina went away.  :( We missed her SOO much, that we decided to make a "makeshift Katarina." At Value Village (the place where we bought the clothes, 'n stuff), the woman behind the counter told us that she would gladly put up a picture of this---as an example of what _NOT_ to do with our products (after she [Katarina] _killed_ us).  :)

   Ever wonder what a PhD candidate in space physics's office looks like? -Well, this is what mine looks like.  :) It rules.

   I really missed the plants that I grew in my office in England, and there weren't any at all in the office here--so I started these ones.  :) (They are growing--quite literally--10 times as quickly---and are even the right color . . . since I quit watering them with the drinking water at the Geophysical Institute.  I'm _serious_.  :P )

   The April of the spring of 2002 was Interior Alaska's wettest spring EVER.  Some of the flooding was astounding.  :O

   I don't honestly know if this is a common practice--but I haven't seen it employed _anywhere_ else.  Where there is a lot of water on campus, they use these big dumpy thingies to scoop it out, and dump it somewhere else.  It is remarkably noisy, but really pretty cool.  :)

   And here is the group of people with whom I took "Parallel Scientific Computation." From left to right are: Jeff McCallister, Dr. Guy Robinson (the instructor), and Lilia.  (I never did learn her last name.) It was a privilege to be permitted to take this course with them.

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