There were so many interesting things in Alaska to see and share, that I _had_ to make another page.  (Hopefully the photography has improved.  :) )

   This one sorts of says it all.  It is a receipt from "The Northern-Most Denny's in the World.  About the order: I know--I'm a pig.  :)

   We saw this particular sight (an AMAZINGLY muddy truck), when we were in downtown Fairbanks.  Marius (the dude visible by the door of the @#$%'in' Tempo, actually got the guy to smile and yell for the picture.  :)

   One day as I was driving, someone said to me, "Um--you DO know that there are two moose there, don't you?" No, I didn't.  :) Here is a picture of a moose-dude--nonchalantly walking through the parking lot of an apartment complex.

   This one didn't come out too well.  The vehicle you see (This was in "bustling metropolis" of Healy.  :) ), has a (quite largish) set of caribou horns mounted on the front of the hood.  Hmm. . . . -I'll bet you don't see too many of _these_ in Texas.  :)

   And here is a much closer (about 50 miles away) picture of Denali taken from the Parks Highway.  The sheer _size_ of "The Mountain" absolutely boggles the mind.

. . . And here is another one:

   And here is a picture of a fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!! (Um.  -Sorry about that.  :) ) at a party at my advisor's (the one on the left) house.  When I was invited to a party at his house, and he _wanted_ me to burn something, I just knew that things were going to be all right this time. . . .

   And here is a picture of some caribou-dudes (a new addition) at the Large Animal Research Facility.  -I think they were kept just a "wee" bit too close together--as the entire place REEKED of caribou urine.  :P

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